I love s’mores. No camping trip is complete without them. But, I’ve always had a teensy weensy little tiny pet peeve with classic s’mores – the chocolate never melts enough. Sure, it gets a little melty, but when you bite into it, it’s still firm. Ugh. To solve this problem, I’ve made many attempts at balancing my chocolate squares on top of my marshmallows as they roast over the fire, so my chocolate could get a little campfire action, too. Inevitably, the chocolate falls off into the fire and I’m left once again with hard, cold-in-the-center chocolate squares.

Nutella S'mores via Alaska from Scratch

Problem solved: ditch those chocolate bars for Nutella. Spread Nutella on one of your graham crackers, toast your marshmallow, and sandwich it all together in one melty, oozy, gooey sandwich. This is camping at it’s best right here, folks. I promise everyone will want s’more.

Nutella S'mores via Alaska from Scratch

Up next, the step-by-step homemade Orange Cream Marshmallow recipe. See you then!

Nutella S'mores via Alaska from Scratch

P.S. I made these fun smiley-face homemade graham crackers using a round cookie cutter and the narrow end of a chopstick to make the holes. They were a huge hit.

Nutella S’mores

  • -Graham Crackers (I used [Smitten Kitchen's recipe|http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/05/graham-crackers/], but store-bought work well too)
  • -[Marshmallows|http://alaskascratch.wpengine.com/2012/06/02/orange-cream-marshmallows/]
  • -Nutella
  • *A rip-roaring campfire and skewers

Lay out two graham crackers per s'more. Spread one graham cracker liberally with Nutella. Roast marshmallows as desired. Sandwich the roasted marshmallow between one plain graham cracker and one Nutella-coated graham cracker. Watch the hot marshmallow work its magic on the Nutella. Enjoy.

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