Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

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The other night I had a hankering for some potato salad to go along with our Country Ribs with Sassy Barbecue Sauce. I’m a huge fan of homemade potato salad (especially in the summer) and I have a classic recipe that I almost always use with hard-boiled eggs and dill pickles. But, I didn’t have everything I needed on hand. Blast.

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad via Alaska from Scratch

What I did have on hand were the fixins for some ranch dressing from scratch – like sour cream, garlic, and green onions- and a few slices of bacon. Pair those with some potatoes (which makes complete sense, right?) and we’ve ourselves some tasty, outside-the-box potato salad that rivals my longtime favorite recipe.

Bacon Ranch Potato Salad

  • 6-8 medium potatoes, peeled, and cut into uniform bite-sized chunks
  • 5 slices of bacon, crisp-cooked and crumbled
  • 1/2c sour cream (I used light)
  • 1/2c mayonnaise
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1/4c green onions, sliced
  • 1 stalk celery, diced (optional, for texture)
  • 1T chopped, flat-leaf parsley (2t dried parsley can be subbed)
  • 2t worcestershire sauce
  • splash of rice wine vinegar
  • 1/2t pepper
  • 1/2t salt
  • 1/4t paprika
  • 1/4t cayenne pepper or a dash of hot sauce (optional)

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the potatoes and turn heat down to medium. Boil until potatoes are tender to the bite, being careful not to overcook them (or else they will fall apart and turn to mush/mashed potatoes).

Pour potatoes into a colander and run cold water over them to stop the cooking process. Allow to drain.

To a large bowl, stir together all the remaining ingredients. When potatoes are cool, add them to the mixture and fold them in until thoroughly coated in the bacon ranch mix (if potatoes aren't wet enough, add a splash or two of milk until desired consistency is reached). Taste for seasoning and add more salt as needed. Refrigerate until ready to serve, at least 90 minutes to chill through.

Ashley in Alaska
Ashley in Alaska

This sounds like the best potato salad ever! Such a refreshing change from the bright yellow, mustard-y (I think thats a new word, lol) one that everyone I know seems to make.


If I'm making this potato salad for a picnic should I leave out the bacon and add it later once we get to the spot? It's about a 3 hour drive and I'm scared that the bacon will get really soggy.


Bacon and potatoes, a great combo.

Erica Corwell
Erica Corwell

This looks like the perfect potato salad recipe, I'm going to try it. Nice recipe!

alaskafromscratch moderator

 @Ashley in Alaska Hello Ashley, my dear! Mustardy is totally a word (at least in my book!). Thanks for all the fun comments today. I love it. Hope you enjoy all the recipes you found. :)

Alaska from Scratch
Alaska from Scratch

I think that's a perfect idea! That way you'll have nice chilled salad and perfectly crispy bacon. I hope this turns out well for you. Enjoy! :)


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