About Me

I’m Maya Wilson, a cookbook author and chef living in Alaska. See me in New York Times and Bon Appetit.

Several years back, my family transplanted from California to Alaska. We sold almost everything we had and, with two suitcases per person, flew to our new home on Alaska’s gorgeous Kenai Peninsula. So far, it’s been the adventure of a lifetime as we’ve started our life over from scratch.

Our life looked drastically different than it did before, in wonderful and exciting ways. Relocating from the nation’s most populated state to the nation’s largest state (but one of the lowest in population- #47) certainly comes with its adjustments. Conveniences like grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops are farther away and more costly in Alaska. Because of this, I had the privilege of spending a whole lot more time in my kitchen cooking and baking for my family. From scratch.

Alaska, in addition to unparalleled scenery, has unique regional cuisine that I am uncovering and discovering day by day. From fresh halibut to wild salmon and from moose to bear, Alaska has food – and a lifestyle that goes along with it – that’s all its own. Thank you for joining me as I walk this journey of exploring living and cooking in Alaska, from scratch.

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