Broccoli Salad with Sunflower Seeds & Cranberries

Broccoli Salad with Sunflower Seeds & Cranberries

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So far, we are experiencing one of the coldest summers on record here in South Central Alaska. On rainy days like today, I sometimes daydream about hot summer food memories like this one. I was first introduced to this salad one summer along the shores of the Kings River in Central California. I can still smell the smoke from the grill and hear the roar of jet skis and the laughter of children. Somehow, this Broccoli Salad featured prominently in our gatherings and in my memories of our time in that small Central California town.

Broccoli Salad with Sunflower Seeds & Cranberries via Alaska from Scratch

I remember the first time I saw it – raw, cold broccoli as a side salad? How strange. But one bite of that crisp, fresh broccoli, crunchy, salty bacon, zippy red onion, and sweet, tart cranberries and I was sold. Indeed how strange… and how surprisingly fantastic. It’s not too often that a dish completely catches me off-guard. This was one of them for me.

Broccoli Salad with Sunflower Seeds & Cranberries

  • 2-3 broccoli crowns, just the florets, finely chopped (5-6 cups)
  • 10 bacon slices, crisp-cooked and crumbled
  • 1/3c red onion, diced
  • 1/3c sunflower seeds
  • 1/3c dried cranberries, chopped (golden raisins are equally good)
  • 1/2c mayonnaise
  • 2T apple cider vinegar
  • 2t sugar
  • salt and pepper

To a salad bowl, add broccoli, bacon, onion, seeds, and cranberries. In a small bowl, mix mayo, vinegar, and sugar. Pour dressing mixture over salad and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve (at least one hour).


What is the nutritional value for this salad recipe?


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I made this salad and i thought it was superb! I did omit the bacon and i used red wine vinegar instead of apple cider. It was a fabulous salad! I have posted the recipe and a few pictures on my blog (i gave you credit of course). Thank you! :) 


It's a chilly night in central texas. Didn't bring home the bacon. It was great without it.


I am making this for dinner, sounds yummy, like the fact that you use less mayo and sugar than other recieps




My aunt made this for family bbq. Once everyone tasted this delisious salad it was gone in a blink of an eye. Sooooo good!

washington rain
washington rain

how many servings does this make? Just curious. Trying to feed 500 people. And need to do the math=) =)

Alaska from Scratch
Alaska from Scratch

Honey could work... Or agave. :) let me know how it turns out for you!


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