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I noticed you note the weather and what you’re listening to on your blog posts. I’ve never seen this before. Why do you do this?

I note the weather because weather is one of the primary dictators of what we eat. We eat according to the seasons and according to what’s in season. We almost always consider the time of year and the weather outside when deciding what to eat, whether consciously or subconsciously (like when we get a craving).

I tell you what I’m listening to because food is about so much more than food; it’s about the atmosphere in a home or place. It’s about all five of our senses. If you smell sugar cookies and hear Christmas music, suddenly you are transported to a special, unique time and place. When we take all of this into account, then we’re not just in the business of passing along good recipes, but rather in the business of cultivating and documenting food memories.

Where did you go to college and what did you study?
I am an extremely proud alumna of Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. I have a degree in Philosophy and Theology with a heavy English Literature background.
Can I share one of your recipes?
By all means. That’s why I’m here… to share. Please use the Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Google+,  or Pinterest buttons featured on each recipe to make sharing easier. I do ask that you cite your source when publishing online or elsewhere. Thank you and share away!
I love your photos. Can I use them?
Thank you! Please email me for permission before using one of my photographs.
Is there a quick way to locate a recipe without scanning through all the previous posts?
Yes we have multiple ways for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Utilize the search function on the upper right of every page, the Recipe Index, the Recipe Archives, or the Recipe Categories on the lower right (below the Blog Her ads).
Do you personally read every comment on your site?
Yes (I really am at the other end of the line!). Your comments are an encouragement to me and your feedback is important. As the blog grows, I am unable to reply to every comment, but I do try to respond to specific recipe questions as quickly and as often as I can. Thank you for being a part of the Alaska from Scratch community with your comments and questions. You can also “Like” our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest to receive more personal, day-to-day updates from Alaska from Scratch. You can also view the most recent comments at the bottom of the homepage to see what other readers are saying.
Are there guidelines for commenting on your recipes?
I simply ask that you be respectful and kind when commenting, even when you disagree with someone about something. I love passionate responses as long they are consistent with the atmosphere on this site. I reserve the right to delete any comments.
Can you tell me how many calories are in a serving?

My apologies, but we don’t offer that service at this time. I can, however, refer you to some wonderful blogs that do provide such details for their recipes. Email me for more info.

What do the abbreviations mean in your older recipes?
t = teaspoon
T = tablespoon
c = cup
oz = ounce
lb = pound
I love your website. Do you do all the web design yourself?
Thank you! And no… actually, I am married to my amazing web developer (he is also my amazing Lead Pastor and the amazing father of my three children, too). If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you will know him as “Pastor Alaska.” You can find him at Streamline Web Design.
Can I send you products for review/giveaways or hire you for writing, photography, or advertising purposes?
Contact me with the details and I will be happy to review your request. All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. You can see this post for a sample of an Alaska from Scratch product review.
Can I interview you for a publication?
Thank you! Please contact me with the details.
Do you write guest blog posts or accept guest posts on Alaska from Scratch?

Occasionally, I do write guest posts for other blogs or publications. Contact me with your ideas. 

At this time, I am not in need of guest contributors. Thank you. 

Still have questions? Email me.



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