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Tequila Lime Chicken Wings

When contemplating what might make perfect football food for this year’s Super Bowl, it occurred to me that chicken wings with a tequila lime glaze might be ideal. Because, in my opinion, the best wings are spicy, salty, sweet and acidic in just the same way that these margaritas are. Turn on the big game, invite some friends, and pass out the napkins. It’s wing time.

Honey Sriracha Shrimp

Once the pan of shrimp was cooked and photographed, I called for my oldest son – the teenaged shrimp-lover of the household – and told him there may be something he might be interested in on the dining room table. He came downstairs, took one look, and perched himself beside the hot skillet, devouring every single last piece of plump, glistening shrimp.

Stuffed Jalapeños with Bacon & Cheddar

I remember when jalapeño poppers rose to fame in the 1990’s. I fondly recall being sixteen and going out to eat with my high school sweetheart at a favorite local Mexican food restaurant in our small town and always ordering the jalapeño poppers – fiery hot peppers filled with cooling cream cheese, battered and deep fried until the jalapeños were tender and the cream cheese was oozing. I don’t specifically remember anything else on the menu because the poppers were just about the only thing I ever ordered.

No-Bake Granola Bars

When I’m at my local library or bookstore, you can most often find me in the cookbook section. Shocker, I know. When I pore over a cookbook, I’m looking for more than just recipe inspiration. I’m taking in the food photography and styling. I’m soaking up the fine design details like the fonts and colors. I’m listening to the author’s voice and seeing if it resonates with my own. I’m familiarizing myself with the weight of the paper, the texture of it, the way it smells when the book is opened.

Barbecue Chicken Quesadilla

My eleven year old son is obsessed with football. Tossing the football outside in the snow, playing football video games inside, watching all the classic football movies in search of his favorite, wearing football gear, and creating football tackle dummies out of just about anything he can find. Meanwhile, I’m busy thinking of football food worthy enough to rival his football frenzy.

Smoked Salmon Bagel with Green Onions

This smoked salmon bagel is a staple. An Alaska must-have. A well-loved, well-used post. An obligatory Alaska from Scratch rite of passage. I serve it up year round for any meal of the day. When I give the gift of smoked wild Alaska salmon, this is the first thing I tell the receiver to do with it: Make. Bagels. Now.

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