Golden Milk

Because of turmeric’s benefits, people have taken to drinking it on the daily, in the form of a drink called a turmeric latte, otherwise known as golden milk. Apparently the drink is wildly gaining in popularity and has somewhat of a cult following.

Raspberry Mint Limeade

A few weekends ago, my girlfriend and I went to flip for Reds with friends along the banks of the Kenai River. It was a rainy, grey evening, and along the edge of the water everywhere I could spot wild raspberries peeking through the bushes.

Ginger Iced Tea with Citrus & Thyme

Iced tea represents golden summers, lingering long over conversations on the porch in the shade, barbecues and cook-outs and running through the sprinklers. As the temperature warms up, the condensation forms on the outside of the cold iced tea glass and begins to drip, sliding down, and pooling around, tempting you to bring it to your brow in an effort to cool off.

Ginger Mango Spinach Smoothie

Weather: 19 degrees, snow clouds What I’m listening to: the sounds of kids home for Spring Break, my 6 year old daughter singing a rendition of Let It Go from Frozen. March is National Nutrition Month. It is a month dedicated to encouraging the country to eat...

Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte

Weather: 48 degrees, high winds and blowing rain What I’m listening to: Boat Song, JJ Heller This recipe has a little story. Last fall, I made this lovely cup of pumpkin chai amazingness on a whim and I was thrilled with the results. Imagine for a moment yellow...

Strawberry Lemonade

The day I was testing recipes for my son’s stand for Alaska Lemonade Day, a reporter from a local newspaper came out to the house to interview me. We sat at the table and visited for a while, about life and food blogging and how we ended up in Alaska, then I...

Blueberry Lemonade

Weather: 40 degrees, rain What I’m listening to: kids watching Mulan  My oldest son is participating in Alaska Lemonade Day today – an annual event that teaches kids business and entrepreneurial skills. A few weeks back, he went to a workshop at our local...
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